Empowered Living DVD - by Jim Hohnberger
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If you see problems in your life without a lot of solutions, rejoice because God has a solution for you. "All of us," says author, Jim Hohnberger, "are battery less toys"....but we can become empowered. We can live an empowered life, acquire empowered marriages, and enjoy empowered families. It has worked for others and it will work for you as well. The choice is yours.

In this Empowered Living sermon DVD series, Jim takes the principles of walking with God that he introduced in his best selling book, Escape to God, and applies them to our most significant relationships. The result is a guaranteed plan for change that will revolutionize your marriage, your family, and your life. Filled with illustrations and material not contained in the book, this four DVD series will help you to experience a new walk with God and a new way of life.

Message Titles:

Message 1: Batteries Not Included
Message 2: Crossing Over
Message 3: Lost and Found
Message 4: Independent Atoms

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