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Most books don't come with guarantees. This one does. Author and speaker Jim Hohnberger guarantees that if you read and actually implement the relationship principles in this 12-week plan, you will have a changed life, a changed marriage, and a changed family. But you must work the plan!

Scores of Christians are discovering the power of the gospel in their everyday lives for the first time through Jim Hohnberger's bestselling book Escape to God. Now Jim takes the principles of walking with God he has learned and, through the testimonies of individuals he and his wife have counseled over the years, provides a practical plan for change in Empowered Living.

Each chapter uses a case study from Jim and Sally's counseling files to illustrate a relational problem and solution. There are goals as well as daily prayer and reflection activities to help you practically apply the principles gleaned from the case studies to your situation.

If you see problems in your life without a lot of solutions, rejoice because God has a solution for you. All of us,- says the author, "are battery less toys".... but we can become empowered. We can live an empowered life, acquire empowered marriages, and enjoy empowered families. It has worked for others and it will work for you as well. The choice is yours.

Make a prayerful, daily application of the principles and tools in these pages for the next 12 weeks, and you will experience a new walk with God and a new way of life. Guaranteed.

Chapter Titles:
Part 1. Empowered Life

    1. Batteries Not Included
    2. Crossing Over
    3. Attached and Receiving
    4. Less Attempted, More Achieved

Part 2. Empowered Marriage

    5. Lost and Found
    6. Kindling the Flame
    7. Swing Time
    8. Removing the Thorns 
Part 3. Empowered Family

    9. Independent Atoms
    10. Time to Be a Family
    11. The Family Firm
    12. Family Councils 
    13. Failure Is Not an Option

Appendix 1. Recommended Book List

Appendix 2. Time Management and Schedules


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